Patrick Kyle is a Visual Artist based in Toronto, Canada  ︎ @patrick.kyle
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A Sufficiently Grotesque Elfish Aspect: New Work by Patrick Kyle

At Heavy Manners Library
1200 N Alvarado St Unit D, Los Angeles

Opening Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 7pm PST, On Display Until March 19th 2023

'Channeling the shapeshifting goblins of Celtic folklore, Patrick Kyle continues to transform his spontaneous, cartoon-inspired line drawings - disguising each piece in layers of acrylic medium, vinyl emulsion and collage to create windows into an ethereal fantasy-scape of his own design.'

A Sufficiently Grotesque Elfish Aspect opens Thursday, February 23rd, at 7pm and will be on display until March 19th.

︎ @heavymannerslibrary