Patrick Kyle is an Artist from Toronto, Canada. 

Patrick has created illustrations for Adidas, Converse, Cartoon Network,
The New York Times, The MIT Technology Review, The Baffler,
Transworld Skateboarding, The Walrus, Zeit Leo, Bloomberg Businessweek

Patrick released the self-published comics collection Black Mass in 2012
and subsequently worked with Toronto’s Koyama Press on the books
Distance Mover, Don’t Come in Here, Everywhere Disappeared, Roaming Foliage and The Death of the Master between 2014 and 2019.
Patrick regularly releases self-published comics and zines.

Patrick has exhibited work in most of the continents. His latest exhibition
The Ladder is out of Reach opened in 2021 at Toutoune Gallery in Toronto.

He has instructed illustration and comics students at
OCADU in Toronto since 2016.


Patrick Kyle is a Visual Artist from Toronto, Canada.
Contact Patrick for Illustration work and other comissions at:

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